Giving Back Week

We are excited to announce our theme for this years’ October Half Term holiday club, running from Wednesday 20th October – Friday 29th October 2021, is GIVING BACK WEEK. We want to look at those who help us in our day to day lives and those who have helped us through the pandemic, then look at what we can do to show our appreciation to them. Our focus points will be gratitutde, positivity and kindness.

We are just waiting to finalise a few trips and activites and then we will publish the exciting schedule we have planned. Although the dates are displayed booking is NOT yet open, you will recieve an email once booking has opened. Any booking recieved prior to the email will not be processed.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to welcoming lots of you in over the October half term.



The schedule will be available soon! 


Giving Back Week

Our exciting line up of activities is available below or via email if you would prefer!

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Supercali – Summer Holiday Schedule

Week 1

20/10/2021 – 22/10/2021

Wednesday 20th October 

Thursday 21st October

Friday 22nd October

AM session

PM session

Gratitude Workshop – Before we can help those around us we need to identify what we personally have to be thankful for. This will be done through interactive games, discussions and more

Community Clear Up – We want to create a community we are proud of, so we are going to get to work cleaning up the environment around us. This will be done through a range of team games and activities.

Picnic Making – Help make a delicious picnic, sanwhiches, carrot and cucumber and some other yummy treats ready to eat at lunch time.

Bird Feeders – Having a bird feeder helps birds discover a sustainable source of food all year round/ We will be creating our own and taking them home to hang in the garden.

Seed Planting – We will be learning about how different plants can help purify the air around us. We will then plant our own to take home and do our bit to help generatee clean air.

Picnic with Daisychain – Join with some of the children in our sister nursery for an afternoon picnic and some socialising with people in our local community.

Week 2

25/10/2021 – 29/10/2021

Monday 25th October

Tuesday 26th October

Wednesday 27th October

Thursday 28th October

Friday 29th October

AM session

PM session

Toy Making – There is a great need for toys and stories at the local children’s hospital. We will be making a range of toys and writing our own sotries to donate. 

T-shirt Bag – Create your own reuseable bag made from an unwanted t-shirt.

Baking cakes – We are working closely with St Peter’s Hospice and holding a bake sale to raise money for the charity. We will spend the morning baking cake to be sold later in the day. (Cake donations are also gratefully recieved!)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – A range of stimuli to aid a fantastic junk modelling project looking at reusing material and what it can be used to create.

Redland Park – Appreciation of the things we are so lucky to have around us with a morning at Redland park.

Vegetarian Cooking – There are multiple benefits to having at least one vegetarian day a week. We will be experimenting with a variety of recipes that you could even try at home.

Sustainability Workshop – A range of different activities throughout the afternoon focusing on sustainability and what we can do to help the planet.


Windmill Hill City Farm – Take a look and learn about the farmyard animals, try feeding them and learn about how we can help take care of them. £2.00

St Peter’s Hospice Bake Sale – Set up the bake sale with bunting, banners and more and then work together to sell the delcious cakes.

Random Acts of Kindness – Create a crafty calendar full of random acts of kindness to be done throughout the year to help put a smile on people’s faces.


Free Dog –  MUST BE UNDER 10 In order to help other people we must look after ourselves first. Doing exercise produces endorphins which help us feel happier and more resilient. £5.00

Torwood Spa Day – After being so kind and helpful throughout half term it is only fair to treat ourselves. This will be done with the reutrn of the Torwood Holiday Club spa!