Supercali - Summer

Thursday 15th July - Monday 3rd September 2021

We are excited to announce our theme for this years’ Summer holiday club running from Thursday 16th July 2021 – Friday 3rd September 2021 is Supercali – Summer. The programme will look at children’s literature and films and we will focus on a different author or genre every week.

We have been working hard on putting together a jam packed schedule including going on trips again! In line with the guidance from the Government and having risk assesed our venue we will be having 2 pods of 20 children (40 children in total). Trips will be capped at 14 children across the pods, unless the visit is onsite. After the update on July 19th we are hopeful we will be able to increase our numbers.



Scroll down to take a look at the schedule! 


Supercali - Summer

Our exciting line up of activities is available below or via email if you would prefer!

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Supercali – Summer Holiday Schedule

Week 1 – Books galore –

15/07/2021 – 16/07/2021

Thursday 15th July

Friday 16th July

AM session

PM session

Mary Poppins – Take inspiration from Bert and try your hand at some chalk drawings.

Dr Seuss – A range of different arts and crafts activities all based on the Dr Seuss series.

Very Hungry Catterpillar – An afternoon of fruit taste testing.

Winnie The Pooh – Create your own Winnie the Pooh character with paper plates, lollipop sticks and more.

Week 2 – Michael Rosen –

19/07/2021 – 23/07/2021

Monday 19th July

Tuesday 20th July

Wednesday 21st July

Thursday 22nd July

Friday 23rd July

AM session

PM session

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Feel the different textures of the famous story in our very own in-house bare foot trail.

Why Do We Need Art And Other Big Questions – Using different resources; footballs, hands, rollers and more, create a giant art and colour experience.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Through the swishy swashy grass, jumping in the splishy splashy water and tip toeing through the dark cave; we will be having a delicious picnic and doing team building activites on The Downs. (We will be offsite from 10am – 3pm)

How To Make Children Laugh – A comedy sketch, your best joke, a funny dance – the choice is yours in the Torwood comedy fesitval.

Jelly Boots, Smelly Boots – Jelly, smelly or welly boots – which ones can you fling the furthest in or wellie throwing competition.

Send For A Superhero – Design and create your own superhero cape.

Chocolate Cake – Make a delcious chocolate cupcake to take home and enjoy – but how long will your resist the chocolately temptation?

What’s So Special About Shakespeare? – A light hearted interactive Shakespeare drama workshop.

Free Form Poetry – Michael Rosen is famed for his free form poetry. Taking inspiration from the enviroment around us create your own free form poetry.

Week 3 – Julia Donaldson –

26/07/2021 – 30/07/2021

Monday 26th July

Tuesday 27th July

Wednesday 28th July

Thursday 29th July

Friday 30th July

AM session

PM session

Room On the Broom – A story of team work, sharing and innitiative. So put this all to work in a morning of team games.

The Singing Mermaid – Can you find your voice like the mermaid did by taking part in our Torwood Karaoke show.

Zog – Mould and sculpt your own mini dragon out of play doh or clay.

A squash And A Squeeze – Squash and squeeze as many delcious fruits as you can into your own smoothie.

The Paper Dolls – Design and create your own paper doll chain.

Monkey Puzzle – Get thinking and create your own puzzle, riddle or game.

Scarecrow Wedding – Make your own scarecrow to take home and proudly display.

Super Worm – Will you find the super worm on our worm hunt on The Downs?

TRIP – Snail And The Whale – A trip to Bristol Aquarium but what creatures will we find?                                         14 spaces – £11.50 (includes megladon and shark workshop)

ONSITE – Snail And The Whale – A firm favourite with the Torwood Holiday Club children an afternoon WATER FIGHT! *to participate children must bring a full change of clothes and towel.

The Gruffalo – Make a delcious Gruffalo pie to take home and enjoy

Week 4 – David Walliams –

02/08/2021 – 06/08/2021

Monday 2nd August

Tuesday 3rd August

Wednesday 4th August

Thursday 5th August

Friday 6th August

AM session

PM session

Slime – Create your own pot of gloopy slime.

The Boy In The Dress – A Torwood Holiday Club fashion show wuth the latest catwalk pieces designed by the children.

The Creature Choir – In a first for Torwood Holiday Club we will be creating our own choir and singing some of our favourite songs in perfect harmony.

The Queen’s Orangutan – Create a shoebox zoo fit for the Queen including animals, habitats and more.

Little Monster – Feelings monsters can open conversations about eomotions. Everyone will create their own little monster out of junk modelling.

Code Name Bananas – Design your own secret code and see if anyone can crack it.

Billionaire Boy – Make a delicious billionaire biscuit to enjoy at home.

TRIP – The Ice Monster – Tobogganing trip to Mendip sports centre to see if we can find the ice monster.                14 spaces – £10.00

ONSITE – The Ice Monster – Ice picking mini monsters, using a range of tools to try and help the monsters that have been frozen in time.

Mr Stink – Will you be a Mr Stink or not? An afternoon of high energy circuits.

Boogie Bear – A Torwood disco with party games, music and lots of dancing ready for the weekend!

Week 5 – J.K Rowling –

09/08/2021 – 13/08/2021

Monday 9th August

Tuesday 10th August

Wednesday 11th August

Thursday 12th August

Friday 13th August

AM session

PM session

The Fountain Of Fair Fortune – This was the first J.K Rowling book to be made into a puppet show, so we are going to be making our puppet show.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone – Which house will you be in? Make your own cupcake sorting hat to decide.

Fantastic Beasts – We will be having our own fantastic FEAST by making yummy pizza puff twists.

Harry Potter Series – Did you know the seven Harry Potter films are the most watched children’s films of all time? See if you can break this record by scripting, directing and filming your own film.

Hogwarts Express – Get creative as we turn Torwood Holiday Club into a magical train station.

Quidditch Through The Ages – An afternoon of Quidditch on The Downs.

Ickabog – A fantasy tale set in a rich, distant land. Take part in the Holiday Club treasure hunt to see what jewels you find.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire- Create your own Goblet of Fire lava lamp.

TRIP – Calling All Witches – An afternoon of magic and delights, we will have a magician performing live at Torwood.                                                                                                          40 spaces – £5.00

ONSITE – Calling All Witches – Create your own spell book full of unique spells.

Week 6 – Roald Dahl –

16/08/2021 – 20/08/2021

Monday 16th August

Tuesday 17th August

Wednesday 18th August

Thursday 19th August

Friday 20th August

AM session

PM session

George’s Marvellous Medicine – Using different colours, textures and senses create your own sensory bottle medicine set.

James And The Giant Peach – A cookery workshop based on the story; join us and make a Jame and the giant peach CRUMBLE!

BFG – The BFG is nutorious for large ears, join us on a mindfulness walk highlighting each of our senses.

The Twits – Help the grusome Mr and Mrs Twit come to life by making your own Twit face mask.

Matilda – The story that truly does show team work, kindness and positivity will always shine through. But can you put all of these to practice in a morning of team games.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – The chocolate factory is a bit of a maze for Charlie and Grandpa Joe , with lots of different elements but can you complete the holiday club maze and win a prize?

Danny The World Champion – Take part in our annual sports day but which team will be victorious this year?

The Enormous Crocodile – Just how big is the enormous crocodile? We will find out when we make our own out of junk modelling..

Revolting Recipes – Try out some of Roald Dahl’s revolting recipes in an afternoon of experimental cooking.

Roald Dahl Day – Come to Holiday Club dressed up as your favourite character and spend the afternoon celebrating all the stories.

Week 7 – Fiction Stories –

23/08/2021 – 27/08/2021

Monday 23rd August

Tuesday 24th August

Wednesday 25th August

Thursday 26th August

Friday 27th August

AM session

PM session

Fairy Finder – Design your own fiary door and proudly display them in our fairy trail through Holiday Club.

Share A Story – Bring in your favourite book to share with everyone at Holiday Club.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Bake and eat your own delicious treat for our Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Dungeons And Dragons – A capture the flag tournament to get everyone moving and working together.

Pop Up Creation – Create your own, unique pop – up book to share and take home.

Story Bag – An interactive drama workshop where you can bring stories to life with random twists and turns along the way.

Marvel Adventures – Do you have what it takes to be a superhero join us on an adventurous afternoon at The Downs to find out.

TRIP – Drama Performance – A live puppet show at Torwood. The story involves, a princess, a king, a jester, wizard and various dragons. It has poetry, comedy and audience participation and of course!                                                                       40 spaces – £5.00

ONSITE – Drama Performance – Direct your own original group drama performance complete with costumes and props!

Torwood Cinema – Roll up… roll up … as we open the Torwood Cinema. Sit back, relax, watch a film and enjoy some popcorn!

Teddy Bears Picnic – Bring in your favourite cuddly toy and join us for a picnic on The Downs.

Week 8 – Factual Stories –

30/08/2021 – 03/09/2021

Monday 30th August

Tuesday 31st August

Wednesday 1st September

Thursday 2nd September

Friday 3rd September

AM session

PM session

BANK HOLIDAY – Holiday club is CLOSED!

Horrible Histories – Awful Eygptians – design and build your own carved cartouche.

Space – Make a swinging mobile complete with labelled planets.

Jungle Explorer – A session of den building on The Downs and jungle themed games.

Invention And Creation – Create your own ingenious life hack and see if you can make it come to life – who knows you might create a best-selling household item.

BANK HOLIDAY – Holiday club is CLOSED!

Horrible Histories – Rotten Romans – Rome wasn’t built in a day; so take your time as we host a Lego building competition.

Space – Rocket launcher; make a rocket ice lolly to take home and enjoy.

Ocean Explorer – What better way to end the summer than with a water fight complete with Ocean themed games. *To participate children must bring a full change of clothes and towel

World Celebration – Disco, games, karaoke and lots of fun on the last day of Holiday Club.